• Modular Climbing Hangboard

Rearange your own hangboard and train at home.


Our Design Goals

From the beginning, we were determined to build a fingerboard as beautiful and appealing as it is functional.

The result is the GripMonkeys reconfigurable module based fingerboard. Rearange the modules in the best way for your body and ability and get better results on the wall.

The ultimate tool to get your grades up.

Designed by climbers

We are climbers ourselves. We designed GripMonkeys to suit our needs and we believe others can benefit from the same.

Improve your grades

Our experience in using fingerboards is that they improve our grades immensely just after couple of weeks training.

Train at home

If you have some free time at home with nothing else to do just play on your fingerboard for some time. It is fun.




Made of beautiful wood tender to your skin.


Single Segment 90mm
Width 630mm
Height 150mm
Depth 60mm
Weight 2.5kg



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Number of boards


Delivery worldwide is an option. For details and prices please make an inquiry via a channel from the contacts.


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